Senex’s presidential address

“Ask not what your SCV’s can do for you, ask what you can do for your SCV’s” -John Fitzgerald Senex

“We choose to annex opponents main, and do the other things in this game. We choose to do this, not because it is easy, but because it is hard” -JFS

“Ich Bein Ein Starcraft Player” -JFS

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Did you know? contd.

Did you know…that Senex inadvertently provided Justin Beiber with the tune for his hit song Baby? Senex was researching Pirate sea-shanties, when he accidentally left the score and lyrics to “Matey, Matey, Yo-HOOoooOOoo” on a Toronto park bench.

Did you know…that the Golden Arches theory, put forward by Thomas L. Friedman, holds that any State economically developed enough to have a middle class that can support a Mcdonalds franchise will be disinclined to go to war. However, the US invasion of Panama, Nato bombing of Serbia, Israels 2006 invasion of Lebanon and Russia’s war with Georgia in 2008, and Pakistan and India’s 1999 conflict in Kashmir are all examples of this theory being false.

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Need a light?

When a firebat asks if you need a light, its because Senex has a monopoly on lighters in the solar system. He made the prices go through the roof and now only the super wealthy can afford them.

Who called in the fleet? SENEX needs a dd for a beer run!!

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Did you know?

Did you know…that Senex is a huge fan of the Boston Celtics? In 1967, he lost over 20,000 dollars betting that the Celtics would repeat and win their 9th-straight championship. To pay off his debt to the Gambino family, he was forced to work as a mafia enforcer. His experiences would later form the basis of the movie “The Professional”.

Did you know…that Senex and Veralynn faced Garry Kasparov and IBM’s Deep Blue in a 2v2 team match held in Gdansk, Poland in 2011. Kasparov started with the Sokolsky opening, while Deep Blue pursued a Stonewall defense. Veralynn started aggressively with a 6 pool, harassing early with zerglings. Senex lucked out with a proxy raxx in Deep Blues natural expand, and Veralynn was able to exploit with her death ball before Deep Blue could pull off the Castle Kingside. Kasparov tried to save the situation with the Latvian Gambit, but was forced to GG. As a reward for winning, Vladimir Putin allowed the world to live for one more year.

Did you know…that Mao Tse-tung’s famous dictum “power grows out of the barrel of a gun” was actually a botched translation of Senex’s classic phrase “you burn your finger on the stove, and you miss the whole game”

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Seoul National University creates Senex studies course!

In a stunning announcement, the provost of the Seoul National University department of Journalism has announced that they are scrapping the curriculum to all current Journalism courses, and replacing them with film sessions to study the casting methods of Senex.

When called for comment, Jun Dae-Kim, a spokesperson for SNU said “Our university tries hard to prepare our students for the future. For journalism students, learning about the cutting edge methods of analysis and color commentary pioneered by the great caster Senex will lead to fulfilling careers in the Starcraft 2 journalism market. However, I am a strong believer that the message of Senex has a wider meaning, and you can expect to see screenings of his work being incorporated into the curriculum of many other departments in the near future”

When reached for comment, Senex replied “The faculty and students of Seoul National University do me a great honor. Thank you.”

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Fact or that’s what she said?

“TVT while it may be boring and long” ~Senex

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Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

My perception of a zerg rush is now tainted

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