Senex is a man of unspeakable achievements and like the old bards of the middle ages, we shall try to tell his great feats through this blog. Senex is a new up and coming Starcraft II commentator. I, Nommy Manwich and MarbleGargle are his humble disciples.

Check out his Youtube   

plus his twitter

Senex just walked into a coffee shop, stared directly at me, and said “hey, hey MarbleGargle! Thats what I’m gonna call you.” and thats the first time I ever met Senex.




Spawn into existence when a bet had to be placed in a underground Tokyo poker game. The winner of that game had no card in hand and was not even in the same room. Senex freed his winnings and deemed him Nommy_Manwich. The other people at the table felt jaded and tried to kill Senex. Without even lifting a finger he killed them all with his bronzed baby shoes he carries with him.


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