Mr Reliable.

We live in a fast-paced world, and our modern society forces us to meet all sorts of competing obligations. Will I go pick up my brother from the airport, or play another hour of SC2? Will I post to the blog, or go laugh at kittens on youtube? It isn’t normally possible to bat 1.000 and balance work and fun perfectly.  Then again, Senex isn’t normal.

Senex is the most reliable person I have ever met. I’m not talking about “arrive 10 minutes early to everything” reliable. No, that stuff is for Herbs. Senex arrives faster than rumor wherever he is needed most.

So, next time Vera is alone whisper-casting, just remember, Senex’s dinner desperately needs him to pull it out of the oven. And it is vital that Senex opens his refrigerator and pours out a glass full of diet coke. It is of world-shaking import that he pulls out a fork and some napkins, and the fate of nations rest on his successful tucking in of the napkin into his shirt as a sort of impromptu bib. It’s actually not that important that he burn the roof of his mouth with pizza, but he promised two weeks ago that he would, and he keeps his promises goddammit!

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