2^n but what about 4^n

Since making this site and help support my boy Senex, I have been getting involved with the world of Starcraft. I played a bit when it first came out but was never really good at it. So I have been trying to think of ways to entertain viewers and create games that are pleasing for both parties. There are a few things that drive people to watch a cast. One can be the commentator, Day9 had 7000 people watching him play diablo 3 this week and that was just at a random time I tuned in. This requires a good fan base and time to acquire it. Another is famous players. If your tournament has famous players, people will tune in to see them play. This requires a prize to draw them in and make it worth their time. Finally, there is entertaining games. This could be due to creative players, fun match ups, or just fun environments players are forced to play in. The third of these is what interest me the most. If i can create a fun atmosphere to watch and play in, people would. So I bring you this.

Most Tournaments are based on 2^n. If you have 4 levels that’s 16 people with 1 winner. This is a standard that almost everyone follows with the exception of starting out with a round robin. But with Starcraft you are not limited to that. What if you had a tournament based on 4. Each game, four people walk in and one walks out. Now to get four levels you would need 256 players, which is a lot. But what this brings is different game play and something interesting. People would start being paranoid of being attacked when they attack, base trades all over the place, and quick attacks to try to take someone before they know whats going on.

Some ground rules would have to be set or else these games would last forever. People would try to drag games out by running and hiding. So once someone get revealed they are out but can still harass and piss people off. Deals and back stabbing are encourages but all deals have to be made in public chat. Everyone should know of dastardly deeds. Finally, flashy creative attacks should be encourages. These would please the crowd and the king.

256 People enter the ring and only 1 stands at the end. Providing an exiting and interesting game play for both the viewer and player. There would prob need to be other rules that help the game progress and not drag on. Maybe have the viewers decide the victor after a set time. Encouraging players to be flashy and impressive and not just efficient.

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