Senex’s presidential address

“Ask not what your SCV’s can do for you, ask what you can do for your SCV’s” -John Fitzgerald Senex

“We choose to annex opponents main, and do the other things in this game. We choose to do this, not because it is easy, but because it is hard” -JFS

“Ich Bein Ein Starcraft Player” -JFS

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5 Responses to Senex’s presidential address

  1. nommymanwich says:

    “Peace is not made at the Council table or by treaties, but in the hearts of your cannon rushes.”
    Herbert Clark Senex

  2. marblegargle says:

    Favorite reader HungLo brings us this excellent quote:
    “Legalize it? I didn’t know it was illegal!” ~ Senex

  3. Vion says:

    “We shall go on to the gg. We shall fight in space, we shall fight on the ground and metal, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our main, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight in the natural, we shall fight on the creep, we shall fight in the middle of the map and on the ramps, we shall fight in the forcefields; we shall never surrender!”

    -Senex Churchill

  4. Vion says:

    “Give them timing worthy of him who created me. Let them think for themselves, to grow in micro and micro. And let them always value scouting and economy wherever they find it.”
    -Senex Prime

  5. nommymanwich says:

    “If you give people a command center and five SCV and tell them where to go, but not how to get there, you’ll be amazed at the results”
    -General George S. Senex

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