Crisis Averted

Senex and Brian studied the table, going over the plan for the coming day’s battle. The High King had been holding this position for four days already, waiting for his allies and mercenaries to arrive. The next day would see the decisive battle. April 23rd. Good Friday.

With all of the contingents arrived, the High King said to Senex “We know how strong we are, but what of the enemy? how many have they brought to this fight? We must know this!”

Senex replied “I agree, Your Majesty. I shall call upon the scouts” and uttered a quiet command to the guards.

Within minutes, two young warriors entered the tent and began their report.

“Lords! The enemy is in high spirits. The men of Leinster and the Vikings of Dublin are feasting and dancing! Their camp guards speak of Mael Morda being crowned High King of all Ireland tomorrow!”

At this news, Brian Boru, High King of Ireland, grimaced. “Why are they so sure of victory? We match their numbers! What gives them such assurance?”

The first scout took a step bowed before continuing. “Sir, they are certain, because right now they have two assassins in the tent of the High King.”

Brian Boru had hardly time to yell in alarm. But Senex took charge. He grabbed the clay brazier hanging from the central tent pole, and smashed it over the first assassin’s skull. Coals from the brazier fell to the ground, and all the High King could see in the now light-less tent was two shadows wrestling each other to the ground.

Then a shout. “King! Strike now! I have him pinned!” The aged king pulled his sword from it’s sheath and slashed at the inky shadow on the ground.

In burst the guards stationed outside the tent. The torches they carried showed that the king’s sword had decapitated the assassin.

Senex stood and said “I think Mael Morda mac Muchada should postpone his coronation.” With a mighty kick, Senex sent the severed head out the door of the tent, and it rolled all the way down the hill into the stables of the Dublin Vikings, sending their horses stampeding in their panic.

And that is the story of how Senex invented Soccer.

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